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Throughout the History of Copper Foil I

Copper foil is shifting from oversupply in previous years to a situation of short supply, mainly due to the development of new energy automobile industry, which has increased the demand for lithium copper foil. At the same time, the increase in the utilization rate of China’s copper foil capacity and the decline in dependence on foreign imports indicate that China’s copper foil market is moving towards a new era.

The double arrogance of the copper foil industry: electrolytic copper foil and rolled copper foil

Copper foil is a kind of cathode electrolytic material, a thin, continuous metal foil deposited on the base layer of the circuit board, which acts as an electrical conductor of the PCB. The copper foil is made of copper and a certain proportion of other metals. The copper foil generally has 90 foils and 88 foils, that is, the copper content is 90% and 88%, and the size is 16*16cm copper foil, which is the most useful. A wide range of decorative materials. Such as: hotels, temples, Buddha statues, gold signs, tile mosaics, handicrafts, etc.

Copper foil is widely used in the electronics industry

Copper foil industry chain map

Copper foil is an irreplaceable basic material in the modern electronics industry. It can be divided into two types: rolled copper foil and electrolytic copper foil according to different manufacturing processes (currently more than 90% of the global copper foil is electrolytic copper foil). As one of the main raw materials in PCB manufacturing, copper foil plays an important role in conduction and heat dissipation in PCB. In the rapid development of today’s electronic information industry, copper foil is called the “neural network” of electronic product signal and power transmission and communication. It plays an important role in the overall characteristics of the PCB. Board performance, quality, processability in manufacturing, manufacturing level, manufacturing cost, and long-term reliability are all closely related to the quality of copper foil and the processing level of copper foil in PCB manufacturing.

Electrolytic copper foil is an important material for the manufacture of copper clad laminates (CCL) and printed circuit boards (PCBs) and lithium ion batteries. In the rapid development of today’s electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is called the “neural network” of electronic product signal and power transmission and communication. Since 2002, the production value of China’s printed circuit boards has entered the third place in the world. As the substrate material for PCBs, CCL has also become the third largest producer in the world. This has also led to the rapid development of China’s electrolytic copper foil industry in recent years.

The rolled copper foil is a compression-extending copper foil. The pressure of the copper block is extended in the forward and backward directions by the pressure of the calender. And the face is a principle. Calendered copper foil is more difficult to process than electrolytic copper foil.

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