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Titanium forging, titanium alloy tube and others in leisure sports

According to statistics, 16% ~ 20% of the total titanium forging is used in sports leisure products, is the third large titanium application, sports equipment, titanium is used for: golf clubs, ball head, tennis rackets, badminton racket, fencing protective mask, swords, sprint shoes nails, mountaineering tools, snowboarding, skiing, ski pole, ice skates, diving suit, fishing tackle, tent pole, etc. The following is a typical application case of titanium and titanium alloy in leisure sports.


1. Golf clubs and ball heads

Titanium goer golf clubs and ball heads are still the mainstay of titanium application in the civil field. It seems that all the manufacturers in the world have produced golf clubs and ball heads. Golfers always want to play with a club with a bigger head. Titanium has a small specific gravity and high strength, which can make the ball head larger without increasing the total weight of the club. In extensive tests, golfers hit an average of 20 percent more with a titanium head than with a steel head, and the distance to the ball was improved. Current larger golf balls require a thin surface and therefore a durable surface material. Sp-700 new type titanium alloy developed by Japanese steel tube company has high strength and good formability. Recently, it has been used as the surface material of Taylor 300 series golf balls, and it is sold well in the golf ball market.


2. Tennis racket and badminton racket

At present, the application of titanium in tennis racket is mainly to embed the net made of pure titanium into the frame of the racket. In this way, not only the instant inertia force of hitting the tennis racket is improved, but also the ball is easy to hit the ball even if the ball does not hit the center of the racket, which enhances the hitting force of the racket and is well received by users. In recent years, Japanese titanium tennis racket market demand is on the rise. Almost all Japanese racquet manufacturers now sell titanium racquets, which account for about half of the racquet market. In order to classify the racquets into different grades, the racquets are manufactured according to the characteristics of titanium, and titanium superelastic alloy material and coating processing method are also used in the handle of tennis racquets, so as to develop new USES of titanium. Recently, the use of titanium rebound to enhance the impact of the ball has received attention. Some Japanese companies are currently developing new titanium fibers for use in tennis rackets. The alloy is a shape memory alloy with super elastic function. Even if it deforms under load, the original shape will be restored immediately after the external force is eliminated. Bao sheng metal embedded this material into the left and right sides of the racket handle, when hitting the ball, can significantly increase the rebound. Similar to tennis racket, pure titanium for frame and ti-3 al-2 for long handle are also developed. 5V) system of badminton racket, and has been commercialized.

3. Race bike

The bicycle is powered by human power, because it needs to be very light, especially in the race speed of the car, if you reduce the weight of the car 1 gram, you can buy a thousandth of a second time. The average bike USES 36 bars, while a titanium bike USES 24, which not only reduces weight, but also reduces wind resistance. Titanium and titanium alloy, the first from the parts began to use, Italy Campagnolo has used titanium and titanium alloy to manufacture a variety of bicycle parts, including: packaging gear change pin, left nut, pin crank shaft, front and rear hub shaft, left and right pedal shaft. Litespeed makes titanium bike frames that weigh an average of 2.5 pounds and cost $2,800 each. Titanium frames are lighter, more comfortable and last longer than chrome-molybdenum frames. Over the past four years, frames made of ti-3al-2.5v (sports-grade) titanium alloy for industrial pure titanium tubes have become popular, costing between $1,600 and $3,500 per pair and between $2,400 and $6,000 for the entire bike. Nearly 50 companies now make titanium bikes, and the United States is already the largest producer and consumer. Baosheng metal bicycle sports have been widely carried out in the world, titanium bicycle is especially suitable for the requirements of high-grade bicycle sports, so the sales of titanium bicycle is also gradually increasing.

4. Racing cars

Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, titanium has been used in racing cars and limited production of exotic sports cars. Titanium used in the automobile industry can greatly reduce the weight of vehicles, reduce their fuel consumption, protect the environment and reduce noise. The properties of titanium have been well reflected in racing cars. Almost all metal parts on the car can be made of titanium and titanium alloy, such as: bolts, connecting rod, rocker, buffer back bracket, exhaust pipe, return pipe, valve, valve spring, brake, sensor components. In addition, titanium can also be used for surface coating, and has been used for the improvement of the surface performance of the brake plate, which can ensure the quality of the brake plate is light, long life. Titanium is used in automobiles to extend the service life of valves, springs and connecting rods.


5. Other sporting goods

Mountaineering and skiing equipment is moving towards lightweight, miniaturization. Titanium material has the characteristics of light specific gravity, high strength, low temperature impact value does not reduce, etc., as a superior mountaineering and skiing materials, has been widely used, such as titanium alloy mountaineering sticks, mountaineering soles nails, climbing fasteners, ski poles, ice skates and so on. Titanium sporting goods also: fencing protection mask, sword, fishing rod, fishing bobbin, rowing parts, used as track and field running shoes with injection molding ti-fe series soles nail. At present, titanium used in sporting goods in China is still in the initial stage, the process, technology and foreign advanced level is still a big gap, the generation equipment is still relatively backward. At the same time, also explain, our country grows latent capacity in this respect bigger.

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