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UG NX1980 Topology Optimization Getting Started Examples

NX1980 is an introductory topology optimization method, suitable for not too complex and parameterized entity optimization

  • 1. Analyze and optimize file parameters. It is recommended to use parameter entities (especially the parts that need to be optimized)
  • 2. Use SOL101 to set and solve according to the above requirements
  • 3. After exiting the processing result, optimize as shown in the figure below
  • 4. Optimize the initial interface
  • 5. Go to the next step, optional weight and volume, here default weight
  • 6. Next, define constraints, select weight, select geometry, confirm and return
  • 7. In the next step, define the design variables. Set the range of the three parameters in the previous expression. The default is plus or minus 10%, which can be modified and applied after modification. After the three parameters are modified, they will be determined and returned to the design variable setting interface. The three parameters that have been set will be displayed in the list, and can be modified if they are changed
  • 8. Next, the setting is complete
  • 9. Enter the SIM editing interface, this is the optimization setting has been completed, solve, all the way YES. Display the result worksheet, the processing result after optimization, and the entity update is also optimized, the same as the worksheet data.

Note that if the entity is a non-parametric expression, the correct worksheet data file may be generated, but the entity update is unsuccessful.

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