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Use synthetic oils such as polyolefin or vinegar oils to obtain good lubricating properties


Use synthetic oils such as polyolefin or vinegar oils to obtain good lubricating properties. Now through significant molecular changes, advanced commercial processing techniques can be used to prepare base oils. In many application areas, the automotive and industrial lubricants formulated with these high-quality API Groupl specifications base oils can achieve good lubrication performance, just like traditional synthetic oils. The characteristics of base oils with very high viscosity index (vHvi) specifications are introduced and demonstrated. After all, the performance of a refined liquid is the key to market requirements. The actual field performance may be unpredictable, even during the gathering.

Through the chemical synergy and balance of vHvi specification base oil and additives, the performance of equivalent high-level synthetic oil can be obtained. Dry technology is not a new technology, but because of its many advantages, it is worth re-evaluating the grease industry. Dry process technology can shorten manufacturing time, reduce energy consumption, reduce raw material varieties and stabilize product quality. Therefore, dry process technology is a faster, easier, more predictable and more reliable manufacturing technology, which is to increase the profitability of the grease industry. Way of the future. The grease thickeners currently available for dry process technology include stearic acid files, 12-based stearic acid files, organically modified clays, amorphous silica gels and polytetrafluoroethylene, while composite files, composite aluminum and polyurea may be used. Become a candidate thickener for the use of dry technology in the future.

Lubricating grease micro-oxidation test has the advantages of short test time and low equipment cost. Therefore, ASTM requires that the possibility of grease micro-oxidation test becoming the ASTM standard test method be investigated and studied, and some results of these investigations are described. According to the test results of the file base grease: it is impractical to replace the catalyst metal sample holder with a glass sample holder in the micro-oxidation test, because the reduction of the oxidation rate value makes it inoperable in the accelerated oxidation test. The micro-oxidation test is carried out on the metal surface in contact with the atmosphere, there is evaporation of oil and gas, so the test results are more easily related to the actual high-temperature bearing test, and can provide accurate information on the volatility and composition of the lubricant residue.

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