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ventilator circuit tube feature

 Our ventilator circuit tube weighs less than two-limb circuits, reduces torque on the patient’s airway.
 With one single limb, offers more versatility when used as a transport circuit and in the OR.
 Standard connectors (15mm,22mm).
 Made of EVA material, very flexible; gas sampling line can be attached outside the circuit. High quality.
 Customize your specifications: Our breathing circuits can be customized at many lengths, and be equipped with Water Trap,
Breathing Bag(latex or latex-free), Filter, HMEF, Catheter Mount or Anesthesia Mask, etc.

1. With CE and ISO13485 approved;
2. Material: Made of medical grade polymer material, non-toxic and no stimulation; non toxic, high transparency, high elasticity, high pressure resistance, strong resistance to high and low temperature, strong UV resistance;
3. Tube Length: 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m available or customized;
4. Tube type: corrugated tube available;
5. ISO standard connector: Adult (22mm), Child (15mm);
6. Accessories:breathing bag,bacterial filter/HME filter, mask,water traps are available as your request;
7. Package: Polybag and Paper-poly pouch;
8. Conforming to ISO Standard, match all kinds of anesthetic and breathing can be used for complete vacuum degree, anti cracking and kink resistant products. It is strictly tested by SGS, ITS and other institutions, and meets the food grade certification of FDA and Germany LFGB.
9. L-type connector with detection port for sampling and testing. tolerance limit temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity and environmental exposure;
10. Water traps can collect condensate water from breath circuit.good elasticity, resistance to kink, no deformation, softness, arc resistance and corona resistance.


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