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Ventilator circuit tube manufacturing process

The extrusion of ventilator circuit tube is mainly divided into extrusion process and liquid injection process, which is a special extrusion. It is divided into two die heads, the first die is extruded by inner tube, but the second die is extruded by the outer wall of ventilator loop tube.


Ventilator circuit tube and medical silicone tube belong to the same class, it can reach the level of FDA and LFGB. Ventilator circuit tube is mainly used for ventilator, anesthesia machine etc. Medical silicone tube is mainly used for medical. corrugated pipe is mainly used for medical oxygen or exhaust gas emissions, which is an auxiliary breathing tube equipment.


The ventilator circuit tube has good transparency and resistance to yellowing. Because the ventilator loop tube can be recycled, so the manufacturers are looking for better gas glue. Currently, At present, most ventilator circuit tube materials can pass the biocompatibility test.


Ventilator circuit tube can use a variety of joint buckle production flexible manufacturing diversification, the tube is divided into small, medium and large diameter bellows on the market, The different  specifications of pipe is applied to different  fields, medium and large diameter tube are used for a breathing machine, anesthesia machine, such as auxiliary breathing tube, small diameter tube is used for the internal air conduction with medical machinery products.

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