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What are the advantages of precision CNC machining in DongGuan ?

In many other factories nowadays, there are many finished cnc machining products that cannot be used immediately. It is necessary to go through Dongguan precision machining to play a greater role.
Dongguan Advantages following :
1.Multi-axis control linkage: Generally, the 3-axis linkage is most used under normal conditions, but after some adjustments, the machining centers of 4r-axis, 5-axis, 7-axis and even more linkage axes can be realized.
2, parallel machine tools: the common machining center is also relatively fixed, can be combined with the machining center and turning center, or vertical, horizontal machining center, which can add processing center processing scale and processing capacity.
    3, tool damage warning: using some skill detection methods, can timely find the tool wear, damage, and alarm, so that you can replace the tool in time to ensure the processing quality of the parts.
    4, the tool life management: the ability to work together a number of tools working together and multiple blades on the same tool to improve production power.
    5. Machine tool overload power-off maintenance: According to the load according to the production process, the maximum load level is set. When the load reaches the set value, the machine tool can complete the automatic power-off shutdown to perform maintenance on the machine tools.
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