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What are the commonly used clamps for precision parts processing disc parts?

Precision parts, hardware processing, small disc parts are commonly used to clamp workpieces with three-jaw self-centering chucks. If the surface with position accuracy requirements cannot be processed in the installation of the three-jaw self-centering chuck, usually after finishing the inner hole , Use the inner hole to locate and install the mandrel or spring mandrel to process the outer circle or the end surface to ensure the position accuracy requirements. When processing large disc parts, because the specifications of the three-jaw self-centering chuck are not so large, the four-jaw single-action is often used The chuck or faceplate clamps the workpiece.
   One, mandrel
   When the workpiece uses the machined hole as the positioning reference, and can ensure the coaxiality requirements of the axis of the outer circle and the axis of the inner hole, the mandrel can be used for clamping. This clamping method can ensure the coaxiality of the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece, and is suitable for a certain mass production. There are many types of mandrels. For workpieces with cylindrical holes, circular mandrels and small taper mandrels are commonly used; for workpieces with tapered holes, threaded holes, and spline holes, corresponding cone mandrels, threaded mandrels and splines are commonly used. When positioning and clamping the mandrel, conical mandrel or cone mandrel, pay attention to the contact condition of the mandrel with the workpiece.

Second, the flower plate
The    faceplate is a large disk mounted on the main shaft of the lathe. Irregularly shaped precision parts can not be clamped by three-jaw self-centering or four-jaw single-action chucks. They can be clamped by flower discs. It is also a common fixture for processing large disc sleeve parts. Thousands of T-slots are opened on the faceplate, which are used to install auxiliary elements such as positioning elements, clamping elements and indexing elements. It can process the outer circle, end face and inner hole of complex-shaped disc sleeve parts or eccentric parts. . 

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