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What are the errors in mechanical CNC machined parts processing ?

In the processing industry, when processing a product, it is normal to have some errors, because if you avoid it, there will be errors, because it is impossible to be perfect, even if human beings, it is impossible to have perfect people. , mechanical parts processing is one of them, The mechanical precision cnc machining parts processing is prone to errors.
Positioning error: The positioning error mainly includes the reference misalignment error and the positioning sub-manufacturing inaccuracy error.
  Measurement error: When the part is measured during or after CNC machining, the measurement accuracy is directly affected by the measurement method, the accuracy of the gage, and the workpiece and subjective and objective factors.  Tool error: Any tool inevitably wears during the cutting process and causes the size and shape of the workpiece to change.
CNC Mechanical parts processing Fixture error: The function of the fixture is to make the workpiece have the correct position corresponding to the tool and the machine tool, so the geometric error of the fixture has a great influence on the machining error.  Machine tool error: including spindle rotation error, guide rail error and drive chain error. The spindle rotation error refers to the variation of the actual rotation axis of the spindle at each moment relative to its average rotation axis, which will directly affect the accuracy of the workpiece being machined.  The above is the error that is easy to occur in the processing of mechanical parts. When processing, it is easy to appear five kinds of errors. When processing, we must be careful. Although we can't avoid these kinds of situations, we can do it well.
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