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What are the main points that manufacturers should pay attention to when choosing precision stamping parts

What are the main points that manufacturers who choose Changzhou precision stamping parts should pay attention to

How to correctly choose the precision stamping parts manufacturers that can be the alliance, let us study this article together! In today’s win-win situation, choice is of the utmost importance to people, choice is of utmost importance to alliance partners, and good alliance partners are crucial to the development of an enterprise. Today, let’s take a look at the points that manufacturers who choose precision stamping parts should pay attention to.

1. The R&D talent of the manufacturer

Is the R&D talent of Changzhou precision stamping parts guaranteed? Occasionally, the buyer needs to customize precision stamping parts, but if he does not have relevant 2D or 3D drawings, he needs to test the talents of the decision-making engineers of the precision stamping parts manufacturer. From the talent of the decision-making engineer, we can roughly estimate the processing talent of the manufacturer.

2. Machining accuracy guarantee

Is the machining accuracy of precision stamping parts guaranteed? Product quality is the touchstone for testing the quality of suppliers. Good precision stamping parts manufacturers should not make jokes about quality. Therefore, precision stamping parts manufacturers, regardless of brand size, need to put quality first, and simply conduct tests conditionally, not to be deceived by the few illusions of the manufacturers.

3. Does the manufacturer have integrity

“Integrity management” not only requires buyers, but also requires strict obedience from manufacturers of precision stamping parts. The buyer can check the integrity of the manufacturer from two aspects. First of all, whether they are responsible for the quality of the manufacturer, are not interested in the quality of the product, and have a bad reputation. Secondly, whether the manufacturer’s customers are sincere, and how many manufacturers.

4. Market competitiveness of manufacturers

Understand the basic knowledge of precision stamping parts manufacturers. History: Review the establishment time of the manufacturer and verify its market competitiveness. Products: Check the manufacturer’s product quality, packaging and other product indicators to verify the competitiveness of the manufacturer’s products. Management: The level of management of an enterprise can be fully understood from a few details. For example, go to the company’s toilet. The toilet smells bad, and the management of the company is not pleased. Manufacturer’s marketing concept, product decomposition, market decomposition and service non-decomposition, especially management concept and decomposition.

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