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what are the main types of table tops of cnc router Upload to:08-13 2021

There are many types of table tops of cnc router, so what are the main types of table tops of cnc router?

  一 Adsorption table

Put the bow and arrow on the table, turn on the vacuum pump, open the control valve, and directly suck the workpiece on the table without using a clamp to fix it. Its advantage is that it can still be tightly fixed on the engraving with irregular plates. The table surface of the machine will not affect the effect of vibration during the engraving process, so the vacuum suction table can improve the accuracy of the engraving to a certain extent, especially for the relatively thin and irregular plates. If the plate is fixed with a clamp, it may be Due to the displacement of the machine during the engraving process, which affects the engraving accuracy, the vacuum suction table will not have this problem.

  二Profile table

For thicker wood, because the wood itself is heavier, it is more laborious to use the suction table, and it only needs to be fixed by a fixture, and there will be no precision displacement. If you buy a vacuum suction table engraving machine, you need to do cutting or hollowing. Engraving materials, but after cutting and hollowing, there is no way to vacuum. What should be done? Then you need to put a thin layer of density board on the table, so that the problem can be solved to a certain extent.

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