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What are the manufacturing process steps of precision metal stamping parts?

With the development of CNC precision metal stamping equipment, sheet metal stamping technology is developing in a diversified direction. The punching and shearing composite process has created a new field, which is especially suitable for meeting the flexible needs of small and medium batches. The punching and shearing composite process refers to the process of punching parts with high surface roughness and high precision through one punching stroke. It is currently widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, machinery, shipbuilding, home appliances, etc. Now let's make a simple analysis from the design of stamping parts:
   (1) The result of the design and implementation of stamping parts is a three-dimensional entity with related concepts such as color, material, hardness, shape, size, position, related parts, and manufacturing process.
   (2) The emergence of computer technology directly starts the design with the three-dimensional concept, which can more intuitively and accurately express all the geometric parameters of the design concept, and the entire design process can be completely discussed on the three-dimensional model.
  (3) Computer technology can help stamping engineers to rationalize the design process from the perspective of design and manufacturing, and gradually create stamping parts from the generation of sheet materials and the completion of various processes.(4) It can be regarded as a virtual environment for stamping parts. Engineers can design and assemble parts directly on the computer screen. There is almost no difference between the virtual production process and the real process.
  (5) After the design of a single stamping part is completed, the three-dimensional model of multiple parts can be simulated and assembled, thereby greatly shortening the design and cycle.Previous: What are the factors for wrinkling of precision metal stamping parts?Next: How to judge the processing quality of a precision mechanical part?

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