Laser Cutting · 2021年5月7日

What are the methods and advantages of CNC sheet metal processing?

To understand it simply, it is to use numerical control technology to better perform processing operations and obtain better processing results. So as to go deeper in this field, so that I can know more.
CNC Suzhou sheet metal processing, its processing methods, generally speaking, mainly have the following types: single stamping: it is a single time to complete some stamping processing such as arcs and grid holes. Continuous blanking: There are two kinds of same direction and multi-direction. The former is mainly carried out by means of mold overlap, while the latter is the processing of large holes in small molds. Array forming: It is the processing of multiple workpieces on a large board. The types of workpieces can be the same or different.

The main features of CNC sheet metal processing are as follows: (1) It is simple and convenient to use. For some workpieces with more complicated shapes, or workpieces with relatively thin thickness, it can be processed automatically. Moreover, its low input cost can help enterprises improve economic efficiency. (2) The quality of the finished product is very good, because of its good flatness and high punching precision, which enables the product to have a good consistency. (3) Suzhou sheet metal processing parts can be mass-produced and the production speed is fast, so the production efficiency can be improved.