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What are the precautions for the process of hardware precision stamping parts

What are the precautions for the process of hardware precision stamping parts

The hardware precision stamping parts processed by precision stamping technology have the functions of large size range, complex style and high precision, and are widely used in the automotive, medical, aviation and other industries. The hardware precision stamping process is more complicated. If you want to guarantee the forming result of the stamping part, you need to pay attention to the following matters when the hardware precision stamping part:

  • 1. The number of procedures for hardware precision stampings mainly depends on the complexity of its structural style, depending on the number of bending angles, relative positions and bending directions. When the bending radius of the bending piece is less than the allowable value, a reshaping process is added after bending.
  • 2. The number of processes for hardware precision stamping parts is related to the nature of the material, the drawing height, the number of drawing routes, the drawing diameter, the thickness of the material and other conditions, and it needs to be determined by the drawing process calculation. When the corner radius of the drawn part is small or the dimensional accuracy is high, it is necessary to increase a shaping process after drawing.
  • 3. The determination of the number of processes should also conform to the status of the company’s existing mold making capabilities and stamping equipment. The mold making talent should be able to ensure that the mold processing and assembly accuracy respond to the requirements of progress. Otherwise, the number of processes can only be increased.
  • 4. When the cross-section character and dimensional accuracy of the hardware precision stamping parts are relatively high, you can think about adding the trimming process after the punching process, or simply accept the precision blanking process.
  • 5. In order to improve the stability of the precision stamping process, it is occasionally necessary to increase the number of processes to ensure the quality of the hardware precision stamping parts. For example, the additional positioning process hole punching of the bent part, the growth deformation reduction in the forming process, the hole punching to transfer the deformation zone, and so on.
  • 6. Metal precision stamping parts with simple blanking style are completed by single-process molds. For workpieces with complex punching styles, due to the limitation of the structure or strength of the mold, the front and back surfaces should be divided into several sections for punching, which requires multiple punching processes.
  • 7. Special stamping processing oil should be used for precision stamping. Non-special oils such as rapeseed oil, machine oil, and regenerated oil do not contain the extender components suitable for stamping, which will cause the accuracy of the workpiece to decrease, burrs, and surface pits. Character problems such as hole destruction. In addition, non-special oil products of Chinese chemical materials will cause the machine to rust, yellow gowns, and workers’ skin allergies.

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