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What are the processing requirements for precision CNC machining parts processing technology ?

What are the technical requirements of precision cnc machining ?
Remove the oxide scale on the parts. There should be no scratches, abrasions and other defects on the surface of the parts that damage the parts surface, and remove burrs and flashes.
2. After quenching and tempering, parts are subjected to high-frequency quenching, tempering at 350 ~ 370 ℃, HRC40 ~ 45, carburizing depth 0.3mm, and high temperature aging treatment.3. The unspecified shape tolerance should meet the requirements of GB1184-80, the unspecified length dimension tolerance is ± 0.5mm, and the tolerance zone of the casting is symmetrical to the basic size configuration of the blank casting;4. The corner radius R5 is not noted, the chamfers are not marked 2 × 45 °, and the acute angle is dull;5. The temperature must not exceed 100 ℃. After the gear is assembled, the contact spots and backlash of the tooth surface should meet the requirements of GB10095 and GB11365;6. It is allowed to use sealing packing or sealant when assembling the hydraulic system, but it shall be prevented from entering the system and entering the assembled parts and components (including purchased parts and outsourcing parts),All must have a certificate from the inspection department before assembly.
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