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What are the requirements for CNC-machining parts ?

Precision parts processing requires precision, precision, from processing to completion of the work process can not be a problem, applied in aerospace technology, or other metal equipment, mechanical equipment, quality problems are guaranteed, can not be guaranteed Products, have a certain impact on the reputation of the manufacturer, or workmanship, so that precision parts processing can not be lacking.What are the benefits of precision part processing and precision part processing?     (1) Roughing: Firstly, the shape of the two ends of the part is roughed by the horizontal groove cutter. Because the resistance of the horizontal groove cutter is small during the cutting process, it is easy to break the chip. Therefore, the use of the transverse groove cutter has better effect on the roughening of the two ends. However, since the titanium alloy material is extremely susceptible to thermal deformation during processing, it is necessary to use a cutting fluid for sufficient cooling during the cutting process.      (2) Semi-finished car: After the parts are completely cooled, the outer circle of the part is taken out by the outer-circumferential knife, the shape of the part is clamped by the soft claw, the shape of the part is corrected by the micro-lever table, and the precision machine is used for the part. Processing, can not be processed in one place.      (3) Finishing car: After the shape of the part is cut off, the hole and the hole are drilled to ensure the size and accuracy requirements. Correct the shape of the part again to ensure that the dimensional accuracy is within 0.003mm, and the finished shape of the finished car is 0.05mm. Since the double top is positioned with the inner holes at both ends, and the outer shape of the parts is smaller before the final finishing, the drilling and the boring and finishing shape are completed in one clamping and the chamfering of the holes is performed. Prepare for the next double top process.What are the benefits of precision part processing and precision part processing?   The precision mechanical parts are made of titanium alloy material. The shape and hole size of the parts are very high. The surface roughness is required to be precision machined on the grinding machine under normal conditions, so that the drawing requirements can be realized. Data such as surface roughness and tolerances of drawings provided by customers. Professional staff is very important, and good staff can achieve a work rate of about 90% in this area.
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