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What are the signs before the bow hydraulic press fails

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What are the signs before the bow hydraulic press fails?

  • 1. The noise hazard hydraulic press is one of the industrial high-noise bow hydraulic presses. The noise is mainly the noise of the bow hydraulic press. The noise comes from the conflict, impact, vibration of the transmission parts, the impact of the clutch when it is connected; the noise when the workpiece is punched, and the noise of the workpiece and the leftover material hitting the ground or the bin Wait. Compared with practical protective measures, one is to add a protective cover to the transmission system, which can reduce the noise level by 5-8dB; the other is that the operator wears hearing protection, such as earplugs, earmuffs and other ear protection products, which can greatly reduce noise Hazard to hearing.
  • 2. Vibration of bow-shaped hydraulic press is the main source of vibration of the bow-shaped hydraulic press from the impact of the stamping workpiece, especially when the workpiece is held in hand, the hands and arms are more vibrated. The human body is affected psychologically and physically. After being in a vibration environment for a long time, people will feel uncomfortable or even bored, it is difficult to converge their attention, and the accuracy of operating actions will be reduced. Shock and vibration can also cause equipment material fatigue, loose connections, and reduce the accuracy of other surrounding equipment.
  • 3. Bow-shaped hydraulic press hazards during the stamping operation of the hydraulic press, the hazards of the kneading and shearing of the punch are called stamping incidents. The high frequency of stamping incidents and serious results are the most serious hazards of hydraulic processing. The hazards of the bow-type hydraulic press also include the hazards of contact with other moving parts, and the hazards of flying hits on stamping workpieces.

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