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What are the some advantages of precision CNC machining parts processing ?

Nowadays, the best industry to develop is probably the processing industry. Because many products are produced by the processing industry, cnc machining is one of them. Then precision CNC parts processing , What are the advantages ?
1. Multi-Axis control linkage:  Generally, the 3-axis and 4-Axis linkage is most used under normal circumstances, but the machining center of 4-axis, 5-axis, 7-axis or even more linkage Axis can be achieved through some adjustments. 2. Parallel connection of machine tools: The common machining center has a relatively fixed function. It can combine machining centers and turning centers, or vertical and horizontal machining centers, which can increase the processing range and processing capacity of the CNC-machining center.
3, tool damage warning: using some technical detection means, you can find the wear and tear of the tool in time, and the alarm, so that you can replace the tool in time to ensure the processing quality of the parts. 4. Tool life management: It is possible to manage multiple tools at the same time and multiple blades on the same tool to improve production efficiency. 5. Machine tool overload power-off protection: According to the load according to the production process, the maximum load level is set. When the load reaches the set value, the machine tool can realize automatic power-off and shutdown to protect the machine tool.
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