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What is 420 steel? What are the applications of 420 steel?

After tempering at 200℃ (at least 4 hours), the hardness can reach more than 48HRC, which has better polishability and better corrosion resistance. C Carbon Si Silicon Cr Chromium Mn Manganese Mo Molybdenum V Vanadium S Sulfur 0.40 0.80 13.50 0.50 0.60 0.20 0.03 Excellent corrosion resistance Excellent polishability Excellent wear resistance Excellent machinability Excellent stability during quenching After long-term use of the mold, the surface of the mold cavity still maintains the original smooth state. When the mold is operated or stored in a humid environment, no special protection is required. Lower production cost. Because the mold cooling channel is not affected by corrosion (unlike ordinary mold steel), the heat transfer characteristics and cooling efficiency remain stable during the life of the mold, ensuring a permanent mold forming time. American Fincola 420 steel is recommended for all molds, because of its special properties, it is more suitable for the needs of special environments. Suitable for all kinds of plastic product molds, more suitable for molds with special requirements. Suitable for making molds used in weak acid and humid environments. Suitable for transparent plastic product molds such as CD discs and optical instruments. Quenching and tempering, HRC21-22

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