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What is a cervical ripening balloon?

The Cervical Ripening Balloon is used for physical dilation of cervical canal prior while the cervix is unfavorable for induction. balloons are inflated with sterilized saline. By using the pressure of both balloon, the cervix will synthesize and release prostaglandin, and promote the cervix ripening.

Step1:Advance the Cervical Ripening Balloon through the cervix until both balloons have entered cervical canal.


Do you know how use the cervical ripening balloon ?

Step2:Inflate the uterine balloon(red one)with 40ml of saline.

Step3:Once the uterine balloon is infland,the device is pulled back until the balloon abuts the internal cervix.

Step4:The vaginal balloon(green one)is now visible outside the external cervix and is inflated with 20ml of saline.

Step5:Once the balloons are situated on either side of the cervix,saline is added to a maximum of 80ml per balloon with the 20ml per dose.


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