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What is a real CNC machining expert?

I will not talk about the maintenance details of CNC machined cnc machine tools. Each company has its own experience and standards. CNC machined CNC machine tool maintenance focus on "nurturing", usually should pay attention (should be long-term record):
1. It is important to start the CNC machine to check whether the starting load of each axis of the CNC machine tool is normal. This is very important. If the starting load changes abnormally, it means that the resistance of the motion pair or the transmission pair has changed. Otherwise, for a long time, the damage to the CNC machine tool CNC machine is extremely great.
2. Pay attention to the normal consumption of lubricating oil. Too much or too little must be checked.
3. Clean the electric box air filter and vent filter. Once the integrated circuit board of the power module and the drive module of the electric box is contaminated with dust containing iron powder, the cnc machining machine will have an inexplicable alarm, and the repair is not well repaired. Just wait for the board!
Sixth: Cultivate good habits and adapt to the characteristics of CNC machining CNC machining
The masters who are suitable for CNC machining CNC machining should be humble, rigorous, calm, thoughtful, and well-organized and assertive.
1, the processing of some large parts, not only the processing content, but also the transformation of space three-dimensional coordinates. The calculation of the processing trajectory is very complicated and difficult to determine. If the problem is not considered meticulous and comprehensive, the calculation is not accurate, and the program is repaired during debugging.

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