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What Is Silicone Chair Leg Protectors?

What is silicone Chair Leg Protectors?

The soft silicone chair leg protectors are thick enough to withstand all the sliding that the chair moving, which can better protect your furniture legs and the floor from damage.

The silicone chair leg protectors allow chairs sliding silently, smoothly and securely along floors (tile, hardwood, laminate and vinyl floor) without noisy, leaving marks or scratches. And in the process of moving, there will be easier.

These silicone chair leg protectors could be widely used on many kinds of furniture feet, such as dining chairs, bar stools, patio chairs, sofa chairs, metal bistro chairs, etc.

Soft silicone material, suitable for round and square chair legs.

No need to punch and paste. No need to stick and not easy to fall off. Just put it easily on the chair legs and to protect your furniture legs and floor.

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