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Spark Erosion machining is a method used when machining challenging pieces with intricate detail. The process involves both the workpiece and the tool being connected to a direct current; this provides a constant spark between the two.Then area where the spark contacts the surface of the workpiece, is heated to an extremely high temperature . The molten metal on the surface of the workpiece evaporates creating a minute crater. Continual discharge creates multiple craters, constantly eroding the workpiece to the desired finish.The workpeice and the electrode are divided by a gap which is occupied by a synthetic insulating fluid. The liquid allows for eroded debris to be washed away from the work area. The synthetic fluid is used to control the temperature of the process, without it a thermal shock would result, by eliminating heat to the surrounding the process no distortion or change in temper takes place.The process is suited for manufacturing intricate or short run parts and it can be used for refurbishing otherwise scrapped partsLemo can provide Spark Erosion machining, welcome to contact us : Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,LtdAddress: No.84 Zhongli Rd,Nancheng,Dongguan,Guangdong,523000,China.Contact: Amy ChenTel: 86-769-8803 9052Mobile: 86-137 1326 2409Fax: 86-769-8803 8031E-mail: [email protected]

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