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What is the accuracy of the CNC machining medical hand model?

With the advancement of the times, the demand for medical devices and medical hand models is growing. Medical equipment is generally used for human body treatment and rehabilitation, so the accuracy of the medical hand model is relatively high compared to other hand model models, usually within +/- 0.001.cnc machining has become one of the important processing techniques for making medical hand model with its automatic CNC mode, high processing precision and stable quality. The precision can reach +/-0.005mm, which can meet the precision requirements of the medical hand model.Since the establishment of the new precision, the number of medical hand-made models has been reduced to a large number, ranging from a titanium alloy screw fitting to a fully automatic stem cell-inducing equipment. Our spectrometers and three-dimensional testing equipment can guarantee your products. From raw materials to finished products to shipments are strictly tested. Whether it is 1PCS-5000PCS, we can develop reasonable and perfect processing solutions for you, saving you extra cost and helping your products open to the market!
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