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What is the CNC machining acceleration and deceleration control ?

As our technology is constantly improving, of course, progress, we need a certain processing method, can be processed, otherwise it can not be processed, cnc machining is the same, then what is the acceleration and deceleration control of CNC machining?
   1. The basic idea of flexible acceleration and deceleration control,    In CNC-machining , a specific automatic acceleration/deceleration control function is generally implemented directly by the system program. In this mode, the system acceleration/deceleration characteristics are changed or added and subtracted to modify the CNC program, so the average user cannot make the cnc machine tool have the best acceleration and deceleration performance as he wishes. Therefore, the flexible acceleration and deceleration control method proposed by us adopts the principle of database, and divides the acceleration/deceleration control into two parts: acceleration and deceleration description and implementation, and separates the acceleration and deceleration description from the system program. In the numerical control system software, a general control channel independent of the acceleration/deceleration database content is designed, and the acceleration and deceleration calculation and the trajectory control are independently performed by the control channel.    2. Flexible automatic acceleration control
   Set the acceleration curve, analytical curve and non-analytical curve, and store it as a template in the acceleration and deceleration curve library.    3. Flexible automatic deceleration control of CNC machining, Acceleration control is stored as a template in the form of a table in the acceleration and deceleration curve library. Reasonable automatic acceleration and deceleration control is an important part of ensuring the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools. The traditional automatic curve-acceleration control based on the fixed curve is difficult to ensure that the acceleration/deceleration process is compatible with the machine tool performance due to the lack of flexibility, and it is difficult to optimize the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool movement.
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