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What is the difference between the silicone tube process and the silicone sheet process?

1. Field: The market use of silicone tube is much more extensive. It is involved in daily life and medical equipment, but the field of silicone film is relatively narrow. It mainly exists in electronic products such as some computers and electronic components.

2. Role: The role of silicone extrusion technology products can be mostly in drainage sealing, but the role of silicone tablets is heat dissipation and comfortable foot pads.

3 Secondary processing: Due to its planar shape, the silicone sheet has great advantages. It can be die-cut according to customer requirements. Various planar shapes can be processed into various special post-processing. Silicone extrusion is more limited to several common secondary processing steps.

4. Forming packaging method: The silicone tube is cut on demand after extrusion and vulcanization. Special packagers can support customized packaging. Silicone film is not very resistant to dirt when it is just produced. In addition, it is easy to adhere to each other. Therefore, PE film bonding is required during molding.

5. Appearance and shape: This is the best way to distinguish. Extrusion processes such as silicone tubes are generally three-dimensional shapes and will not change. However, the planar state of the silicone sheet does not change no matter how it is handled.

6. Quotation method: The silicone tube extrusion process is quoted by meter or kilogram under the environment without secondary processing. If cutting, bonding, etc., can be quoted by PCS. The calendering process is based on area quotation (square) or kilogram. After die cutting, it is generally based on PCS.

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