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What is the quick remedy for tire damage


Everyone knows that tires not only support the weight of the entire car body, but also absorb the impact and vibration caused by uneven road surfaces during driving. The condition of tires directly affects the smooth running, safety and fuel consumption of the car. If the tire is damaged during driving, such as a puncture or a leak caused by a foreign body puncturing the tire, not to mention the possible traffic accident, it is not enough to be delayed on the road because of this.

Most of the punctures can only be solved by replacing the spare tire. However, we can use a simpler and faster way to solve the tire leak, which is to use a fast tire inflation patch. Quick leak trap is a special polymer material. When it is blown to the damaged part of the tire, it can quickly react with the surrounding rubber and solidify, thereby plugging the leak. For example, the inflatable type can be filled with speed, which integrates the functions of inflation and trapping, which can quickly complete the inflation and repairing of the completely punctured and airless tires, and there is no need for jacks and any repair tools under the load of the car. In use, you only need to replenish the inflatable speed and shake it evenly, and then inject the tire. After injection, the car must be driven for 3-6 kilometers to increase the tire pressure and evenly distribute the effective substances in the tire. surface. After the inflatable speed can be repaired, the driving speed can reach 120km/h, and the continuous driving mileage can reach more than 200km. Compared with the spare tire, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight. The weight of the whole set of equipment is only 1.5kg, and it can be placed in any corner of the car at will. So the inflatable speed can make up the title of “spare tire in a jar”.

When driving a car, bring emergency protection products such as Chinap inflatable speed can not only save a lot of space, but also can calmly deal with emergencies such as flat tires.

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