Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

What should operators pay attention to during sheet metal processing?

With the progress of the industry and the continuous development of technology, sheet metal processing is becoming more and more common. The requirements of the sheet metal processing process need to have good coordination and regulations, so that the sheet metal processing process can be more improved. Standardization to ensure the quality of the entire process.


Operators should choose different blanking methods according to the structure of the drawing. Commonly used methods for sheet metal processing include laser, CNC punching, shearing, and molds. The operator should select the blanking process suitable for processing according to the drawings. The common process methods of sheet metal processing include laser processing, CNC punching, shearing processing, bending processing and so on. After selecting the blanking, you can enter the next processing link.


During sheet metal processing, it can also be operated by laser blanking and sawing machines. It is more flexible and changeable when selecting processing methods. With the advancement and development of processing technology, the future There will be more methods to choose from.


There are many types of processing methods involved in the metal processing industry, and sheet metal processing is one of the more common processing methods. During the processing and production, the staff need to learn the processing technology first, so as to ensure the processing quality of the materials and Processing accuracy. This kind of processing method contains a lot of content. People can complete the process such as blanking and blanking during processing. After these processing procedures, the production goal can be achieved. The staff usually need to pay attention to the parameters during the processing and production. Characteristics and process methods, these are important aspects that cannot be ignored. Before performing sheet metal processing, the staff also need to understand the processing range. Generally, during processing operations, copper products, galvanized sheets, and stainless steel can be used to complete the processing process, so the scope of this processing method is relatively wide. It can also meet the processing and production needs of different industries. During the process, people can choose materials flexibly, without worrying that the materials do not meet the processing requirements and affect the progress of the production task.