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What to do if the car air conditioner has a peculiar smell

The automobile air-conditioning system mainly uses fluorine as the medium, and the purpose of refrigeration is achieved through the transformation of the system pressure. It consists of an evaporation box, an expansion valve, a compressor, a blower, a condenser, a drying tank and pipelines. When the air conditioning system is working normally, the evaporator is working in a cold environment, and water will be produced when it encounters relatively hot air from the outside. This is also the reason for designing water pipes in the structure of the evaporator; the humid environment of the evaporator and ventilation ducts The dust on the surface and the surface provides a breeding ground for molds and fungi. The molds and fungi will quickly multiply into mold clusters and fungal clusters, producing biological decomposing odors. These odors will be mixed in the air-conditioning when the air conditioner is turned on. The interior of the entire carriage often makes drivers and passengers feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, it can also cause discomfort such as dizziness and chest tightness, commonly known as “air conditioning disease.”

In order to solve this problem in the repair industry, the evaporator is often disassembled and the surface of the evaporator is cleaned to achieve the goal. This method can fundamentally eliminate the peculiar smell. The series of procedures are troublesome and technically difficult, and labor efficiency is low. Because the evaporator is often working in a humid environment, and the humid environment is prone to mold, the air conditioner that has just been cleaned of mold may have a peculiar smell after a period of time.

In addition, the common problems in the air-conditioning system include poor cooling and slight fluorine leakage, which also adds a lot of difficulty to maintenance.

In the air-conditioning system, the power of fluorine circulating in the air-conditioning pipeline comes from the compressor, and the lubrication of the compressor is completed by fluorine oil. In the pipeline, fluorine oil and fluorine circulate in the entire system together. Its circulating flow directly affects the refrigeration performance of the air conditioner. Fluorine and fluorine oil are constantly changing in the high temperature and high pressure and low temperature and low pressure environment for a long time, plus the compressor The metal debris under long-term wear and tear will produce colloidal deposits. Some of these deposits are filtered out and some are deposited in various pipes. A small amount of deposits does not affect the cooling performance of the air conditioner, but the deposits The continuous increase of substances will affect the circulation flow of fluorine, so that the air conditioner still has poor cooling after fluorine and other reasons. We may wish to consider whether the air conditioning system is clean, and the problem may be solved.

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