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When did precision CNC machining technology begin ?

Along with the transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure, the R & D investment of high-tech has gradually increased, and a large number of factories and laboratories containing precision instruments or equipment have emerged. However, vibrations caused by urban construction and urban traffic have inevitably affected building facilities and precision instruments, causing widespread concern in the construction industry. The vibration isolation technology is the main effective means for the shock protection of precision instruments and equipment. The concept of ultra-precision machining technology is really systematically proposed in China. From the 1980s to the early 1990s, due to the development of the military industry such as aviation and aerospace, higher requirements were placed on the machining accuracy and surface quality of parts. The industry has invested in funding to support research institutes and universities in the industry to begin basic research in ultra-precision machining technology. Since ultra-precision machining technology was a military technology at that time, technical closures were implemented in foreign countries, such as equipment and technology. 
Therefore, the development of ultra-precision machining technology in China has basically started from the research of ultra-precision processing equipment. Ultra-precision machining technology also plays a big role. The artificial joints are made of titanium alloy or other precious metal materials. The surface treatment of these high-precision parts has extremely high requirements on cleanliness, smoothness and surface roughness, and requires ultra-precision research. Toss, the shape should be customized according to the individual's body structure, foreign prices are expensive, and there is a big gap in terms of service life and safety in China.
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