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Whether Silicone Cake Mould Is Do Harm To People?

               A tasty cake, with buttercream, pillowy soft crumb and good flavor can easily make a cake lover crazy.    However, making a satisfied cake is not an easy work. In order to make a perfect cake, silicone cake molds is a good choice for most baking enthusiasts. There are silicone fondant molds, silicone cupcake mould, silicone chocolate mold, silicone spatula can be seen everywhere.     

  There is no doubt that silicone cake molds with bright color, flexible material and easy cleaning feature attract a lot of customers. At the same time, some people put forward their worries about healthy problems.      1. Whether the material of silicone molds, especially the dye used in producing process will do harm to               peoples health?2. In a high temperature, it is true that food will not be polluted by chemical substance?3. Its service life is really as long as showed in ADS?        To be honest, we are a company aiming to offer our customers the most quality productsand best service. We look forward a win-win situation. Our company select food grade silica gel and high quality dye as material, so please believe us. Besides, silicone products is heat resisting. It can be used in oven, microwave and refrigerator. Whats more, our products can pass FDA and LFGB. In other words, chinas products is more reliable.

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