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Why are Exterior Aluminum-Plastic Panels Increasingly Used in Curtain Walls?

In recent years, the continuous improvement of the domestic economic form has also brought about continuous changes in the decoration style, and the decoration materials are also undergoing major changes. As a decorative material widely used in China in recent years, aluminum-plastic composite panels have won recognition from more and more users for their remarkable characteristics. So, what are the advantages of the exterior aluminum-plastic panel, so that it can be so popular in the market?

First of all, the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel has a higher color value, and the aluminum-plastic panel can be made into a variety of colors. The aluminum-plastic panel manufacturer can carry out the matching pattern for the purpose, and the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel is used to decorate it. The effect is more characteristic than stone and glass. Especially under the illumination of sunlight, the aluminum-plastic panel looks beautiful and dignified, and it also avoids light pollution.

Secondly, the rigidity of the outer wall aluminum composite panel is good. Since the aluminum-plastic composite panel is in the process of its production and production, it utilizes the mechanical principle of the I-beam structure, which ingeniously imparts unique mechanical properties. Compared with the single-layer aluminum plate, the aluminum-plastic composite panel is not easily deformed. It can better maintain the flatness without a large external force.

Thirdly, since the aluminum-plastic composite panel is made by the continuous thermal composite production process, the surface of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is higher than that of the single-material metal plate, and the performance is more obvious in the large-sized aluminum-plastic composite panel.

Finally, the quality of the exterior aluminum-plastic panel is smaller. Since the aluminum-plastic panel is made of aluminum and a plastic core material with a lower density, it has the same rigidity and the same thickness of aluminum and other metals. Words, the quality is smaller than the glass, and the quality is smaller when compared with the stone.

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