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Why are precision punches so widely used

Why are precision presses so widely used? Do you want to know? In fact, there are many types of punch products, and you can learn a lot when you use them, but it is better to understand some reasons about precision punches! Besides, they are all very important to our production.

The precision punching press drives the work of the pulley through the motor, drives the belt drive pulley to rotate passively, actively, and then drives the active crankshaft pulley, through the crankshaft gear driven by the crankshaft driven by the reverse rotation of the crankshaft, the active crankshaft and the crankshaft are driven by the same When the speed rotates in the reverse direction, driven by the driving of the four sets of crank connecting rods, the shaft of the four connecting rod 2 is movably connected by the lower end of the sliding member device, and the lower end is driven by the reciprocating motion of the four connecting rods. The punches are reciprocated up and down, and the upper die, the lower die and the die are moved relative to each other by the punching sheet.

The precision punch unloads the non-plate parts or devices of the work (sequence) from the outer surface of the punch. The unloading plate is a fixed or movable plate-shaped part that unloads materials or work (sequence) parts from the punch. The discharge plate is sometimes made into a whole with the guide plate, and also serves as a guide, and is still called the discharge plate. The unloading screw is a screw fixed on the elastic unloading plate, which is used to limit the static position of the elastic unloading plate.

In order to improve the service life of precision punch presses, it is required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, and to avoid places that are too humid, dusty or corrosive gases. Corrosive gas is easy to cause deterioration of electronic components after being corroded, resulting in poor contact or short circuits between components and affecting the normal operation of the CNC punch press.

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