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Why is silicone mask so hot

Silica gel masks are one of the successfully products in the personal epidemic prevention market. Silica gel masks is reusable and it helps to reduce the demand for disposable masks in China, there is a imbalance between supply and demand of masks in China, which may lead to a new consumption direction of the global mask industry.

silicone face mask has been developed in the early years for anti-gas and anti-fog, and the choice of silicone material face mask, relatively long service life, soft and comfortable. Long time wear, not easy to cause allergic reaction. Nevertheless silica gel material also cent is different hard soft degree, the mask with high hardness is easy to cause facial indentation, and the hardness is low may wear not firm, easy to appear leakage phenomenon.

 According to the understanding, at present, the silicone mask and silicone mask products called anti-haze on the market are actually only made of silica gel material for the part pasted on the face, and the main part is still made of Plastic, and the air is filtered through the filter box or filter piece. Because silicone products have very good skin-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable, not aging and hard, easy to clean, durable deformation, repeated use can still ensure a good fit, sealing and other advantages.

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