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YKD2550 CNC Bevel Gear Grinding Machine

YKD9320C CNC gear chamfering machine YKD9320C is a CNC gear chamfering machine newly developed by Tianjin ** Machine Tool Plant. This machine tool is mainly used for chamfering of gear shift gears of automobiles, motorcycles, and tractors. It can process the chamfered corners and arc angles of disc gears, ring gears, etc., and has a special mechanism for chamfering. The chamfer on one side of the gear teeth is completed while the chamfer on the other side is processed. This machine tool can use both high-speed steel-end integrated knives and hard alloy machine-clamped knives. This machine tool fully embodies the advantages of numerical control, has the characteristics of high efficiency, high processing quality and convenient operation, so it can not only meet the needs of small batch and multi-variety production, but also meet the needs of mass production. It is the most preferred model of this type of machine tool in my country.

This machine tool adopts two cutter shafts at the front end of the workpiece to process the chamfering of two adjacent gear teeth. The special chamfering cutter shaft at the back end of the work piece completes the chamfering of a tooth slot with the cutter shaft. Knife and workpiece indexing. Then start the next cutting cycle. Therefore, the chamfering and chamfering of the entire gear workpiece can be completed in one revolution of the workpiece.

This machine tool adopts a four-axis CNC system, that is, two chamfering axes, a chamfering axis and a workpiece indexing axis to complete the cutting feed, allowing the tool movement and the workpiece circular indexing movement. At present, the machine tool can use the SIEMENS802D all-digital CNC system For control, other CNC systems that meet the functional requirements of the machine tool can also be used according to user requirements.

The machine tool is a horizontal layout, with full protection devices, the whole machine is easy to adjust and has good stability.

YKDW20C main technical specifications * large machining diameter (external teeth, internal teeth) mm * large machining modulus mm chamfer angle sharp angle included angle end face angle arc angle included angle end face angle adjustment angle horizontal direction vertical direction cutter shaft Speed ​​r/min Machine tool productivity (Tianjin ** Machine Tool Plant) YKD2550 CNC Bevel Gear Grinding Machine This machine tool is a new generation of bevel gear grinding machine developed in my country. It is suitable for paired grinding of various types of bevel gears, especially It is suitable for mass production of bevel gears for automobiles, cars, tractors, ships and machine tool industries. It is the preferred equipment for improving tooth surface roughness and reducing transmission noise. This machine tool comprehensively uses modern numerical control technology, electro-hydraulic proportional control technology and torque sensor, coupled with a reasonable machine tool structure and advanced supporting components, to provide users with a fully functional, reliable and advanced bevel gear finishing machine tool.

  1. Movement and offset distance movement make the grinding efficiency high.
  2. The layout of the machine tool is reasonable, the small wheel spindle is placed vertically, and is responsible for the main drive; the large wheel spindle is placed horizontally. Responsible for three-axis movement and braking; improves the rigidity of the machine tool and facilitates automatic loading and unloading.
  3. The machine tool has five kinds of grinding cycles, namely basic cycle, correction cycle, center cycle, peripheral cycle and peripheral correction cycle, which is convenient for users to choose according to different situations.
  4. The machine tool can realize high-speed grinding, and the main driving speed of the small wheel can reach 3000r/min, so a pair of gears can usually be ground in 4min~5min.
  5. The machine tool has the functions of pre-selected automatic meshing of backlash and active rejection of tooth thickness tolerance.
  6. The machine tool has the function of individually adjusting the grinding route, cycle times and braking torque on both sides of the tooth, and the braking torque can be directly read by the torque digital display device.
  7. The grinding fluid heating, stirring, and conveying of the machine tool are all automatically operated, and the grinding fluid injection pressure is high, which is suitable for the needs of high-speed rotation of the gear pair, and has a safe and reliable protection device.
  8. The machine tool adopts a variety of pneumatic functions, such as forward positioning of the big wheel box, pneumatic sealing of the workpiece spindle, and control of the direction of grinding fluid injection.
  9. The machine tool adopts the SIEMENS802S numerical control system, configures the corresponding spindle drive unit and motor to realize the main motion of the machine tool, and three stepping motors realize the feed motion (EPG) of the machine tool.
  10. The main electrical, hydraulic, bearing, sealing, and cooling devices of the machine tool adopt foreign brand-name products to ensure the reliability of the machine tool.

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